for weight loss treatment

What is LIPOZET?


Ultrasound guided-extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is innovational technology to destroy fat cell. It generates deep cavitation with 28-33KHz frequency ultrasound, which causes micro-bubbles inside the adipose tissue. Then the micro-bubbles implode breaking down adipocyte’s cell membrane residing 15mm deep in hypodermis layer.


Regular vibration generated from Lipozetplus probe is transformed to physical vibration to give a shock to destroy fat cell without destroying other materials. This ESWL technology has the same principle as the treatment of urinary stone which needs a selective destroying method. 



As pressure drops, liquid state changes

to gas ctate and bubbles appear in liquid.

The bubbles implode when they meet higher Pressure area breaking down materials around them.

Change of Bubble Size due to Repeated Pressure Wave

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