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Personalized Weight Loss Program (8 weeks) Protocol

Full Body Assessment course with In Body Instrument

Cryolipolysis (Ice Shaping Pro) initial and, 5thweek

with nutrition and exercise coaching


Iceshaping pro

Cryolipolysis weight loss & slimming

Freeze your fat away

No surgery, No Needles No downtime.


lipozet plus

Powerful Cavitation

No Side Effect

Non-invasive, Non-surgical

Immediate Visible Result

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RF, lipolazer

Weight loss Treatment

Body Firming

Body Shaping

Lymphatic Drainage

velashape 2 (2).JPG


Powerful InfraRed & Bi-polar RF (Radio Frenquency)

No Side Effect, 

Non-invasive, Non-surgical 

Immediate Visible Result

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